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On this page I have some screen shots of the game.  This game was finally released, after a very long wait.  Unfortunatly I have some bad news though.  There will be no more Quest for Glory series.  See Sierra has closed down the section of the company that dealt with games such as Quest for Glory and King’s Quest.  So, for all you fans, this means that we will no longer be able to wait in anticipation for the next release.  You can visit Sierra’s Site at:



I took out my Links, because none of them work anymore.


The Spells.

Zap: This gives your Weapon a little extra power.

Flame Dart: Attacks an enemy with a ball of fire.

Lightning Ball: Attacks an enemy with a ball of Lightning.

Force Bolt: Attacks with a powerful push.

Whirlwind: Makes a tornado effect for all to see. Be careful not to destroy the town while

                 casting this one(If anyone has any hard evidence that this spell does exist e-mail me)

Frost Bite: Works by freezing your enemy. I wouldn't suggest using this on the undead.

"Erasmus' Razzle Dazzle": Blinds a monster temporarily, becareful not to piss any monsters off.

Reversal: Used to reverse magic cast upon you.

Calm: This spell will calm your oponent.

Aura: Protects against the undead.

Hide: This spell hides you from your enemies.

Protection: Helps to protect you from attacks.

Resistance: Reduces damage from fire, cold, and Lightning.

Levitate: Hmmmm....

Detect Magic: Useful for finding magic that has been hidden from you.

Fetch: Helps to know this one when you need the salt.

Open: This spell opens your basic doors, watch for those damned bolts though.

Trigger: Sets off spells and traps.

Juggling Lights: Distracts your oponent while you get away.

Summon Staff: Enhances spell casting and magic points.

Glide: This comes in handy when you are ice skating and the ice brakes.


You can Download the points list for QG1, QG2, QG3 and QG4 right here.


QG1 (EGA): Type "razzle dazzle root beer," then:

Alt-B Money

Alt-I Inventory

Alt-K Change individual Stats/Skills

Alt-T Teleport

Alt-X Set all Stats/Skills to 80

QG2: Type "suck blue frogs," then:

Alt-B Money

Alt-H Sets all Skills (to specified value)

Alt-I Inventory

Alk-K Change individual skill

Alt-T teleport

These are the most important codes for Trial by Fire, but there are many more.  The Site I had linked

Here went down, if anyone knows where I can obtain a copy of those cheats please E-Mail me at:, Thanks.

Give the thief lots of food to build up your honor points.


Acrobats Cheat:

Here are some screen shots of Quest for Glory, Dragon Fire



This is a picture of the town of Silmaria.



This is another screen shot of the town of Silmaria.

Here is a picture of our hero under water.

This is what the fighting scenes should look like.

Here is the hero walking around town.

Now for the small print.

All Images and information was provided by and copyrighted to Sierra On-Line                                                Diablo Sierra On-Line WinZip WAREZ!!!!!




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