Steven Lamczyk

717 N. Lincoln Ave.

Aurora, IL  60505

(630) 892-7732

Professional Experience


CIBER, Inc., Consultant                                        October 1998 - Present


Information Resources Inc.   

Worked in the Y2K audit effort.  Configured all of the files that were unknown in the WRQ Express Application. 

Went from machine to machine to make sure that all PCs at Information Resources Inc. received the audit properly.


Managed and maintained Y2K lab for the Y2K testing effort.


Performed Hardware and Software Support to computers in the Y2K lab.


Installed and maintained software as required by Y2K test users in the Y2K lab.


Installed and configured desktop PC images using Ghost over TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network.


Installed and configured desktop PCs using Picture Taker.


Created and implemented Microsoft Access database to keep track of users coming in and out of the lab.


Converted working Microsoft Windows NT Workstation images from production to the Y2K environment.


Performed research and documentation regarding Y2K compliant Software and Hardware in the Y2K lab.


Installed and maintained IBM Reflections 7.5 for Windows.


Administrated Users in the Y2K test environment on Novell IntraNetWare 4.11.


Administrated Users in the Y2K test environment on Windows NT Server 4.0.


CARR Futures

Orchestrated Y2K inventory workstation analysis on a 275 user network using ClickNet Y2K.


Isolated and resolved incompatibility issues between ClickNet and McAfee 3.x in a NetWare environment.


Isolated and resolved incompatibility issues between ClickNet and Compaq Diagnostic Utilities.


Performed research and documentation regarding Y2k issues and patches.


Performed AS/400 client troubleshooting.


Installed and customized NT 4.0 Workstations in NetWare environment.


Administrated Users on Novell IntraNetWare 4.11


Administrated Users on Windows NT Server 4.0


First Chicago / Bank One


Coordinated PC desktop image upgrade effort across WAN.


Installed and configured networked printers in multiple locations.


Installed and configured software on PCs in numerous branch offices.


Performed troubleshooting and user administration in Lotus Notes 4.x in WAN environment.


Provided support for numerous users across WAN.


Installed and configured hardware upgrades on PCs.


Installed, configured and maintained software on desktop PCs across WAN.


Provided technical and help desk support to end users.


Installed and configured desktop PC images using ImageCast and Novell NetWare Application Launcher.



Waubonsee Community College,

PC Technician/Help Desk                        August 1997 October 1998


Performed PC hardware and software maintenance on all desktop computers in three campuses.


Installed and configured hardware upgrades on various desktop and notebook PCs.


Installed and configured software as required by students, faculty and staff.


Installed and maintained Listserv 1.8c on HP UX system running Netscape Mail Server 2.02 and 3.0


Administered users on Netscape Mail Server.


Provided software technical and help desk support to students and other end users.


Installed and configured X Windows and administered Linux and HP UX users.


Installed and configured Corel WordPerfect Suite 6.x, 7.x and 8.x.


Provided help desk support for various software products.


Assisted end users with assorted file retrieval, storage and printing tasks.


Performed problem solving and trouble shooting tasks.


Installed and configured disk drives in Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0.


Upgraded and replaced RAM in a variety of different model PCs.


Tested, replaced and upgraded PC components including video cards and sound cards.


Performed optimal PC performance tuning for multiple operating systems, hardware components,

and application software.


Installed, configured and tested Network Interface Cards.


Installed and configured the Novell Netware 32 bit client on Windows 95 PCs.





Microsoft Certified Professional                                                                      12/27/1999




Brainbench Certified Windows 98 Power User                                              01/26/2000

Brainbench Certified NT Administrator                                                           01/21/2000

Brainbench Master Certified NT Workstation Administrator                          12/21/1999

BrainBench Certified High IT Aptitude                                                            11/19/1999

BrainBench Certified Computer Technician                                                   11/16/1999

BrainBench Certified Windows 95 Administrator                                           11/15/1999

BrainBench Certified Linux Administrator                                                       11/15/1999

BrainBench Certified Windows 98 Administrator                                           11/15/1999

BrainBench Master Certified Windows 95 Power User                                 11/15/1999


These Certificates can be viewed via the World Wide Web at:





                Waubonsee Community College                                                       August 1995 May 1998

                Associate In Science


                Kaneland High School                                                                        August 1991 June 1995

                High School Diploma




HARDWARE                                         HP, Compaq, IBM, PCs, hard drives, memory, video cards, sound cards,

CD-ROM drives, SCSI cards, SCSI RAID, tape drives, network cards, printers,

print servers, hubs, and switches.


OPERATING SYSTEMS                         Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95, 98 & NT 4.0 Workstation, Linux, HP-UX, Novell

IntraNetWare 4.11, and DOS.


SOFTWARE                                          Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0,

Corel WordPerfect Suite 6.x, 7.x & 8.x, Borland C++, and Qbasic. Lotus Notes client,

ClickNet Y2k, SendMail, ListServ, Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0, Netscape Mail Server 2.02, 3.0,

Apache Web Server, IBM Reflections for windows 7.5, Test Director 4.0, 5.0,

Picture Taker 1.52, Norton Ghost 5.x, Wingate Proxy Server 3.0.5, WRQ Express


PROTOCOLS                                        IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, AppleTalk


TOPOLOGIES                                       Ethernet, Token Ring.